3 Circle Creations

3D Speed Rig Raffle

ESR is happy to announce a partnership with 3 Circle Creations. We will be raffling this wonderful 3DSpeed rig (Value $600) donated, designed and built by ESR member Dale J Smith (thank you Dale)!

NOTE: The seat, wheel and pedals shown above are for illustrative purposes and are not included as part of the rig.

This raffle is intended to raise funds for ESR and promote participation. Everyone that has participated in at least 50% of the races on any ESR series that started after May 1st 2019 will be assigned 1 raffle entry per series (including the yearly series Enduro 2019). Additional raffle entries can be purchased at $5(US) each up to a maximum of 10 total entries per member. Anyone who has donated to ESR in 2019 will also receive 1 raffle entry. A portion of the fund raiser will be applied to the cost of shipping the item to the winner. This raffle will take place at the end of 2019.

For details of how to purchase a raffle entry, please message Martin Edmunds on the ESR Discord server.

3D Speed – V5 Concept Product Line

The concept for the V5 is a more svelte evolution of the V4, designed to meet the needs of the PC Sim Racer. It’s lighter and more compact than the V4, offering a package that also meets the needs of console gaming. No keyboard or mouse? No problem! Don’t always need your steering wheel and pedals? No problem! The lighter V5 fits your racing and gaming needs.

Note: The V5 is designed to fit Xbox, PlayStation and the Logitech and Thrustmaster hardware. You can also use this rig for PC Sim Racing as a base rig chassis.

With its detachable wheel stand, the V5 has the versatility to be a great gaming seat as well a sim racing rig.

If you have a specific gaming monitor then the add on monitor stand/shelf module is for you. This little unit gives you a solid monitor stand that is also a shelf for your game box and a place to put your speakers. It even is designed with a place to put a power strip to help with cable management.