ESR returns to rally racing with the PHSR, Molteni, TR & ESR rally championship. Visiting five locations with eight stages per location, in the H2 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) class cars:
Ford Escort Mk II
Opel Kadett
Alpine A110
Fiat 131.

Alongside this championship we are running a second (Historic Special) using the same locations but only one stage per location, in different historic car classes. You can grab some extra points to add to your overall score in the main championship. There are seven days to complete each location. Locations are all structured in the same way:
Two short stages
One long stage
Service station (30 minutes of repairs with a new tyre set required)
Two short stages
One long stage
Service station (15 minutes worth of repairs with another new set of tyres)
Two short stages.

Note: Do not leave the game unless you are at a service station. If you leave before you get to the service station, you will automatically Did Not Finish (DNF).

Pick the car you want to use and get some practice in on time trial. Make sure you have correct gear ratios set-up for each location so you have enough acceleration or top speed.

Each rally starts at 01:00 Central European Time (CET)/19:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Contact us on Discord if you need help.
See you on the scoreboard!

Event Schedule:

Event Start Date:Location:Host Country:
Sunday, October 2nd: MonaroAustralia
Sunday, October 9th: Hawkes BayNew Zealand
Sunday, October 16th: Leczna CountyPoland
Sunday, October 23rd: RibadellesSpain
Saturday, October 30th: New EnglandUnited States of America


Restart: Disabled
Rewind: Disabled
Damage: Hardcore
Assists: None

Sign Up:

A Codemasters account is required for this series. Sign up on the Codemasters web page to join:

Apply for club membership in the Codemasters web site (below) and wait to be accepted.

Please send a direct message in discord to @Henrik Andreassen (Ath0x) with your cm id/name,
so that your request to join the club can be confirmed.

Main series – Historic:
Second series – Historic Special: