ESR & RWB Saturday GT Super Series

ESR and RWB are pleased to present the co-promoted series Super GT Saturday!

Multi is the word that best describes this series; multi-communities, multi-class racing and multiple servers to facilitate multiple skill divisions.

This series will visit some of the most historic tracks in the world and feature the legendary cars of the GT3 and GT4 classes. We will be providing online stat tracking to allow drivers to find their perfect competition level and this should be the tightest field most have seen.

The races will be one hour in length and will feature changing weather to challenge the best of drivers.

Series Information:

What are tiers used for in the league?
To accommodate a large number of drivers several tiers will run in parallel. Tiers are groups of drivers that are broadly similar in pace. This means everyone can expect closer racing and fewer blue flags.

How will it be decided who goes in which tier?
We record your best hot-stint (5 consecutive laps) time around Barcelona on our server: ESR and RWB Present Saturday GT Super Series Tiering Server. The password will be available in the series channel on the ESR & RWB Discord servers. You can have multiple attempts in multiple cars, until tiering closes on the 15th of September at 8:30pm BST.

Must I do my hot-stint in the same car as the one I’ll use in the league?
No, you can use any car but it must be from the SAME CLASS that you have entered to race in.

Is it mandatory to set a hot-stint time to race in the league?
Yes, but if exceptional circumstances prevent you from doing this, please contact a member of the ESR or RWB admin team.

How large will each tier be and how many tiers will there be?
Tiers will be decided close to the league start date, depending on the number of entrants.

Is it possible to change to another tier?
It is expected that you will stay in your assigned tier. At the discretion of the race admins we may move you to another tier if there is a large mismatch in pace between you and the other drivers in your tier.

Race Schedule:

Saturday, September 19th:Nurburgring – Germany
Saturday, September 26th:Suzuka – Japan
Saturday, October 3rd:Spa Francorchamps – Belgium
Saturday, October 10th:Silverstone – United Kingdom
Saturday, October 17th: Paul Ricard – France
Saturday, October 24th: Kyalami – South Africa
Saturday, October 31st: Monza – Italy
Saturday, November 7th: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – Spain

Race Settings:

Fuel: On
Tyre wear: On
Mandatory Pit stop: To be advised
Mechanical Damage: On
Practice: 60 minutes
Qualifying: 20 minutes
Race Format: 60 minutes
Scoring: Top 50 score, plus points for top 3 grid, plus fastest lap

Sign Up:

To sign up to this series please click here.
A booking password is required, available from our discord server channel #esr-rwb-sat-super-series.

Tier 1 – Current Standings:

Tier 2 – Current Standings:

Tier 3 – Current Standings:

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