ESR Drivers Charter

ESR Drivers Charter

Revision: March 2021

Preface – ESR and Sim Racing

ESR is a Simulated Racing Community active in multiple Racing Simulator Games. The community is geared towards North American friendly times and by extension South American times but drivers from outside the Americas are very welcome, if the times fit their personal schedules.

The community goals for its’ members are to have fun in quality sim racing events. Members of the community are expected to keep this in mind and do their best to create an environment that is welcoming of all skill levels.

Of course, sim racing is meant to replicate real racing as accurately as possible and that means rules and fouls. Contact happens at all levels of motorsport, from the highest reaches of F1, Le Mans, World Rally, DTM and Indycar (Nascar as well but that’s a whole other can of beans) to the local racing clubs and dirt tracks. Drivers in ESR should be very aware that, over a long enough time span, they will hit and be hit by another racer. Over-reacting with a rage quit or other form of angry outburst on voice comms and/or chat are not permitted and may lead to penalties for the “victim” in these cases.