ESR Drivers Charter

Section 1 – Driver Responsibility

Each driver on the ESR grid is expected to have reviewed the rules of the series they are participating in, have practiced for the event to the point where they understand the track and the general behavior other drivers should exhibit. This does not mean they have to reach a minimum pace, instead being able to avoid the drop in and smash types. 

All drivers are expected to obey the ESR charter as well as any additional drivers standards stated by the Series Administrator, along with being respectful.

Section 2 – Voice and Text Chat Rules

ESR drivers are permitted the use of voice comms and text chat during events though in game chat as well as the Voice Comms application within Discord.

In Practice the comms can be free flowing, as this is the time to ask questions and gain assistance from fellow drivers and ESR admins. Please respect any request from the admin for quiet or to calm the traffic down.

During Qualifying sessions all comms should be clear of chatter and only be used for urgent questions, along with communication with other drivers on track relating to overtaking and traffic management.

During Races, comms should again be kept clear. Emergency information (for example regarding track obstructions or accidents) is permitted and admins may want feedback for items such as Red Flags. Communication during overtakes, particularly under Blue Flags is permitted.

Rage outbursts are frowned upon and may result in penalties. Chatter during inappropriate times may be silenced and Discord Push to Talk may be mandated in the event of “hot” mics.