ESR Drivers Charter

Appendix 1 – Flag Rules

Green Flag – indicates that the track is clear and drivers may race as normal without any special rules being in effect. Will cover 85 to 90% of racing.

White Flag – indicates that a car is off the track or otherwise very slow. Not a full caution but drivers should be alert for rejoining cars or slow moving obstacles.

Yellow Flag – indicates that the track is in caution mode due to an accident or other hazard. Drivers may not overtake under Yellow flags and should be approaching corners with caution. ESR does not enforce a % of reduced speed but drivers are expected to slow and be ready to take safe, evasive action.

Blue Flag – indicates the car closing behind you is on an advanced lap and thus is not racing you for position. This will have its own appendix but the simple version is that the blue flagged car should allow the approaching car to pass within roughly 3 corners.

Meatball Flag – indicates that your car is damaged and unsafe to drive according to the sim. Please pit immediately to repair the car.

Black Flag – indicates your car has been disqualified from the race for violation of game rules. 

Checkered Flag – indicates that your race is complete. Once all cars have been shown the checkered flag then chat rules are lifted and both voice and text can be used freely.

Red Flag – indicates the session is being restarted. This could be due to service issues, track damage or blockage, inclement weather or a pile-up during the race. Series administrators will set their own specific Red Flag criteria.