ESR Drivers Charter

Section 3 – Stewarding Reviews

Post race, drivers are permitted 24 hours to report incidents to the race steward for review. These reports generally are made by the fouled driver however drivers may self report their own mistakes, or report incidents they are not involved in but that breach driving standards.

The race commentary team may report incidents as well, if they are covered on ESR Twitch or Youtube commentary, as these are visible to the racing community at large and should be dealt with.

To make a report for steward review, open your replay and acquire a screenshot of the incident in question, including all sim provided tools for locating the incident such as timeline, lap counter and clock. Send a Direct Message to the steward within Discord, including the screenshot and a brief description of the incident and what you think happened. Video is not required.

The Steward will review the event and assign the appropriate disciplinary action. Note: Stewards will not assign motive or intent to a driver though language may be used addressing such. It does not matter what the offending driver intended, simply the result.

Section 3.1 – Lap One

Lap One of each race is automatically reviewed by the steward. This is because lap one generally has the highest incident count due to car proximity, cold tires, cold brakes and the concertina effect. Drivers should be extra aware of everything that is happening around them and a display of high aggression may result in penalties that otherwise would not. No one likes to have their race end on lap 1 and the race cannot be won here, so drivers should be courteous in this chaos to reduce the carnage.

Drivers should expect to see some issues on lap one across their ESR and Sim racing career in general.

Section 3.2 – Penalty Appeals

Drivers who receive a penalty are allowed to appeal. They must clearly state why they believe the penalty is incorrect, either due to an omission in the review process or unaccounted for factor. A simple “This Penalty is BullShit!” is not sufficient to appeal a penalty. Instead, the driver must present specific, charter based defense.

The appeal is made to the race Steward who then refers it to the Stewarding Panel, which consists of other Stewards and Admins. The panel will then give their feedback and either overturn or reduce the penalty, or reject the appeal.