ESR Drivers Charter

Section 8 – Rolling Starts

Rolling starts are used by some forms of racing and some sims only support rolling starts. Rolling starts can be confusing to those who are new to sim racing and lack a particular practical or fandom experience.

Cars are supposed to keep safe but small, consistent gaps to the car ahead. Enough to react to the action ahead but avoiding large gaps that invite dives and other aggressive behavior. Drivers should remain in their assigned outside/inside lane until the green flag drops or the lights go green to start the race. Creating a 3 wide before the start of the race can be penalized as can excessive speed or overtaking before green (this is generally handled by the game).

Appendix 4 – Sportsmanship and the Gentleman’s Rule

ESR drivers are expected to keep things fun and sporting. In regards to the gentlemen’s rule allowing cars to rejoin after being punted, it is encouraged if it can be done safely. However, this will not undo the punt nor any associated penalties.

Appendix 5 – Video References

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