ESR Driving Charter

ESR Driving Charter

Revision – September 9th, 2019

NOTE:- This revision of the charter is now out-dated. Please see the latest version, available here.

All ESR Series will be conducted under the following driving standards charter (unless communicated otherwise by the series admin).

Lap 1 of all races will be reviewed by the series steward. Incidents that took place on other laps need to be reported to the steward for investigation. 

In-game text messaging and general voice comms during a race can be distracting and may be penalized with up to five licence points.

PenaltyLicence PointsChampionship PointsDescription
Racing incidentRacing Incidents occur when neither driver is found to be at fault and as such, no penalty is applied.
WarningDriver is assessed with substandard driving but the offense is minor. The driver has a clean record and there may be another driver equally at fault and receiving equal warning.
Reprimand2Driver has committed a minor foul resulting in an incident. Also may be issued for drivers with similar previous warnings.
Tier 13-5Driver responsible for an incident but the stewards believe there are mitigating factors (possible track, car or other driver related).
Tier 24-10Driver is 100% responsible for the incident.
Tier 35-20Driver has displayed reckless or dangerous driving causing an incident.
Exclusion from race results6-30 (plus earned points)Driver has performed a dangerous driving manoeuvre and has a history of such incidents (or repeated more minor offenses).
Series banDriver has hit their Licence Points limit or has committed an extremely unsportsmanlike or dangerous offense. Or has a history of such acts.