ESR Driving Charter

Article 2 – ESR Licence 

Each driver has an ESR Licence that can accumulate points based on penalties received. The drivers licence starts at 0 points and has a maximum limit of 2 points multiplied by the number of races in the series (for example, a 6 race series would have a 12 point maximum).

Exceeding this limit will result in a series ban.

Article 3 – Sportsmanship

All ESR members are expected to display sportsmanlike behavior on track and also in voice/text chat. Inflammatory comments will not undo contact and can result in a 5 Licence Point penalty being applied. 

Incidents should be reported to the series steward for review, with supporting evidence, immediately following the race.

Waiting for cars you have hit may seem sportsmanlike but can cause additional incidents and will not mitigate against penalties. Please race on and issue an apology at a later time.

Article 4 – Reporting an incident

Incidents should be reported to the series steward via private message in our Discord server, within the stated allotted time. The standard is 1 hour from race finish to file the report and 24 hours from race finish for the screenshot evidence. Please provide this screenshot of the incident with the replay time bar visible and note the lap number. This will allow the steward to quickly find the incidents and speed up the review process.

Stewards will not review an incident if a screenshot isn’t provided.

Article 5 – Lag and Netcode

Unfortunately, due to variances in connections, not everyone will see or feel the same thing during a race. In situations where replays disagree the server replay (or the lowest lag replay) is the one the stewards will use to determine the positions of cars and the relevant incident details.

Article 6 – Appeal Process

If a penalty is issued which a driver believes to be incorrect and has a logical argument, please contact the steward to begin the appeal process.

If the steward is appeased by the argument (and confirms it is conducted in a professional manner) the incident will be referred to the appeal panel consisting of two additional stewards. If the appeal stewards agree that the penalty is incorrect then the original ruling will be either re-classified or overturned.

Article 7 – Sign Outs

Real life sometimes interferes with racing. Drivers are expected to provide notice to the admin of the series in our Discord server that they will not be attending the race. Failure to do so can incur a two point penalty on the Driver’s Licence for that series.