ESR Driving Charter

Appendix – Driving Infractions

Appendix A – Defensive Driving

Drivers are permitted to make one defensive line change between corners but not under braking. Excessive line changing will constitute weaving and an appropriate penalty will be applied.

Defending cars must allow room for attacking cars and not force them off the track. Sufficient overlap is defined as ⅓ car length unless otherwise stated.

Braking at a non standard point (brake checking) to throw off an attacking car is not allowed under any circumstances.

Appendix B – Attacking Driving

Attacking drivers must achieve ⅓ car length overlap (unless stated otherwise) without reckless driving behavior to have rights to a corner. They must leave room for the defending car and not force them off the track. Kerbs can situationally be considered as part of track.

If a ⅓ car length overlap is not achieved then the defending car has the right to assume any line through the corner they deem appropriate, so long as it does not violate the weaving rule or constitute a brake check.

Appendix C – Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is when, in the opinion of the steward, a drivers conduct constitutes an exceptionally high level of risk to the cars around them. This can include dive bombs, extreme late braking or other acts that can cause a driver to lose all control of their car.

Appendix D – Blue Flag Procedure

Blue flags communicate that the approaching car is a lap (or more) ahead of you. You are required to safely give way to the approaching car when they go for an overtake, within a reasonable time. Do not resist a lapping car.

An ideal location to allow a lead car past is on a straight away where a simple lift will permit the pass quickly and safely.

Appendix E – Rejoining the Track

Drivers that have gone off the track should only rejoin when it is safe to do so. Any contact with other vehicles could result in penalties.

Rejoining cars should not cross the racing line. Allowance must be made for the track area where rejoining is to be attempted (factors such as grip level and speed difference) and drivers must use their best judgement to account for their cars abilities.