With so many questions being asked of the same nature, this FAQ seems like a good idea!

Q: I have questions and the event has started. Where can I get answers?
You really need to find the answers ahead of the event start since the admins are racing too! Look in here. If the answer you want isn’t here, check in our discord channel, #acc-guides-and-information, or the ESR series list on raceapp.eu. There really aren’t any questions that can’t be answered by checking these places.

Q: Can I use a different race number / livery to the one I used to sign up?
Unfortunately not. Once your sign up is final, your race numbers and liveries are used for adminning purposes and, due to the way ACC works, it is critical that you use the correct, unique number. Failure to do so can result in incorrectly applied penalties and lots of confusion. In short, use the same number and livery that you signed up with. Harsh penalties will be applied for failing to follow this rule.

Q: How do I find the right server?
Enter the multiplayer server browser and use the search box to find “ESR ” (that’s E S R and a space since ACC requires four characters to search). In the results, look for the ESR server with the series name. That’s the one!

Q: The server doesn’t come up in the search! How do I find it?
Are you sure you typed the space after ESR? If not, make sure you include it! Sometimes ACC can be a little temperamental with refreshing the server list, be patient and try again!

Q: What’s the password for the server?
The password for the PRACTICE server is always: test
The RACE server is created at the time that the event is scheduled to start and the password changes for each event. You will find it in our discord server channel, under the “Assetto Corsa Competizione” heading, called #XX-server-details (where XX is replaced by the series you are in). Note, you will only be able to get into this channel if you are signed up for the series in advance of the event. MAKE SURE TO READ THIS CHANNEL PROPERLY, the password is clearly posted in there. In the rare event of Discord being offline when an event is due to start – check the series page on raceapp.

Q: How do I do the formation sequence?
You definitely need to practice this BEFORE joining any multiplayer race, but absolutely before joining any series race. The widget is pretty self explanatory and shows you how to position your car through the single file, side by side, and also showing the correct speed range for the race start sequences. Basically, follow what it says and stay in the GREEN ZONE. Generally we use the short sequence, but for some tracks with challenging early corners (eg. Spa and Eau-Rouge), we may use the full lap formation to allow improved tire warm up.

Q: Do I need to make a mid-race pitstop?
YES! There is at least one mandatory tire stop that MUST occur while the pit window is open to count. Check the series details in discord or raceapp for the number of stops required in the series you have entered. The pit window(s) open roughly equidistant times through the race length, so on a one stop race of one hour, the window will open for roughly 20 minutes in the middle of the race, so you have plenty of time.

Q: Do I need to take fuel in the pit stop?
NO! You don’t need to take any fuel in the mandatory stop, BUT since the real life regulations mandate a minimum stop time of 30 seconds, it makes sense to take fuel as there is little to no time penalty for doing so.

Q: How does the pitlane speed limiter work?
Firstly, YOU must slow down to below the speed limit BEFORE you cross the limit line on the way into pit lane. The speed limiter can be set to automatically engage, otherwise you must switch it on yourself, BUT regardless, it will ONLY work in FIRST GEAR. If you shift up to second, the limiter will disengage and you will likely be given a penalty.

Q: How do I set up my pit stop?
You set up the pit stop options (fuel amount, tire set, tire pressures, etc etc) in the SET UP menu while practicing. This can be saved and loaded from within here. If you want to make changes mid-race, use the MFD while driving.

Q: Can I make a stop outside of the pit window?
Yes you can, but it won’t count for the mandatory stop. You can make as many stops as you like for tires, fuel, repairs or any combination. Just make sure to take the mandatory stop for tires within the window too.