ESR Academy Cup 2019 - Second Semester

ESR invited all new drivers (or old) who are wanted to improve and learn in a friendly environment.

Welcome to the ESR Academy which entered its second season!

The goal of this series wass to help develop drivers who are new to sim racing, or have gaps in their skill set with regard to consistency, track reading, door to door racing, setup, car knowledge or anything else that is limiting their success. Some of the finest drivers in the ESR community were coaching.

There were 2 classes this season based on pace and needs. Class 101 or the Under class will use fixed setups and focus on driving pace and consistency. It is ideal for drivers that are a little bit lost in finding their way around the track.

The second class (201 or Upper) will unlock car setup and focus on more advanced concepts. This is for drivers with a solid base of technical skill and mental focus who are in need of smaller developments, to bring them into competition with the upper midfield to front of the grid in ESR.

After successfully racing the Audi TT in Season 1, it was decided on a new challenge in the form of the BMW 235i. Why does this make a great academy car? Well, it’s rear wheel drive and is a very stable platform to drive. This should allow for a reasonably short period of learning the car before progressing onto more advanced concepts for pace, overtaking, defending and becoming a complete racer.

All tracks used remained free content, keeping the costs of this academy very low.

Race Schedule:

Saturday May 25th: Under 101Stowe Circuit – Sprint
Saturday June 1stUpper 201Stowe Circuit – Sprint
Saturday June 8thUnder 101Portimao GP – Enduro
Saturday June 15thUpper 201Portimao GP – Enduro
Saturday June 22ndUnder 101Sepang South – Sprint
Saturday June 29thUpper 201Sepang South – Sprint
Saturday July 6thUnder 101Raceroom Bridge – Enduro
Saturday July 13thUpper 201Raceroom Bridge – Enduro
Saturday July 20thUnder 101Sepang North – Sprint
Saturday July 27thUpper 201Sepang North – Sprint
Saturday August 3rdUnder 101RRRW GP/National – Enduro
Saturday August 10thUpper 201RRRW GP/National – Enduro
Saturday August 17thUnder 101Portimao Club Chicane – Sprint
Saturday August 24thUpper 201Portimao Clud Chicane – Sprint
Saturday August 31stUnder 101Sepang GP – Enduro
Saturday September 7thUpper 201Sepang GP – Enduro

Final Standings:

Under 101 :-

Upper 201 :-

Video Playlist: