The ESR Academy Series returned for Semester 3.

Throughout Semester 1 and 2 the ESR Academy was a learning and proving ground for less experienced and otherwise needing seasoning drivers within the ESR community and has produced great results with Championship contenders like Josiah Jerome and Christope Verstrepen in the regular ESR series’.

Semester 3 continued our innovations in scoring for these drivers with bonus points for drivers who display clean and consistent racing along with the rewards of pace. The past has shown that going fast isn’t the only concern, being able to avoid accidents and carnage are just as key to being a good racer as are clean habits in wheel to wheel combat. This semester featured 3 races per round, each lasting 15 minutes to give maximum track time in the heat of combat.

The car was the BMW 235i once again which is technically simple and generally easy to make behave but it’s pace keeps the action close and harshly punishes mistakes while being a durable enough car to survive wheel to wheel battles. The tracks used were the free selection in Raceroom (Sepang, Stowe, Portimao and the fictional RaceRoom Raceway).

Participation was by invitation only.

Final Standings:

Video Playlist: