That’s right! After several seasons in RaceRoom Racing Experience (and being slightly disadvantaged by the update schedule) we have moved over to Assetto Corsa Competizione for this season of 3D Speed Presented by the ESR Community. 

So why ACC? The SRO licence is the biggest name in GT racing and that class of race cars has been a favorite of the community for a long time. The game has both the GT3 and GT4 classes (for the most part) you want to race and a great selection of tracks. Everything is official and done in amazing detail. The quality of the game is amazing, even if it has some quirks and issues.

What are we racing?
This series will focus on the base game to keep costs down since ACC is still a growing game. We will be using GT3 cars from Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lexus, McLaren, Mercedes and Porsche.

Where are we racing?
We will be focusing on the shorter tracks in the game to support our short race distance, since Wednesday night in North American Primetime is always a bit tricky to arrange long events. Sprint tracks like Brands Hatch, Zandvoort and Misano will be features of the series.

When are we racing?
The server will go official at 20:00 Eastern (that’s standard or Daylight Savings time) on Wednesday. Practice will last one hour taking us up to 21:00 followed by 30 minutes of qualifying. The race will be 40 minutes long and this should allow us to wrap up by 22:15 or so.

Solo and Team Entries
Drivers will be allowed to enter as a solo driver or as a member of a team. All drivers are rated on the FIA scale with the cream of the crop being Platinum Drivers and developing drivers holding Bronze or Silver ratings. The rating is not your in game rating, but rather your ESR rating which is compiled through competing in our series. If you lack an ESR rating because you are new to the community you will have to complete a license test with the admin so that you can be placed reasonably accurately.

Teams may consist of 2, 3 or 4 cars but the license of the drivers needed changes the larger the team gets. Each license level has a points cost (4 for a Platinum Driver and 1 for a Bronze Driver) and each team has a certain number of Driver Points to spend. Please see the table below:

Number of Drivers on the TeamAvailable Driver PointsPossible Combinations
 2 6Plat/Silver, Gold/Gold
 3 8 P/S/S, P/G/B, G/G/S
 4 9 P/G/B/B, P/S/S/B, G/G/S/B

A 4 car team must have a Bronze Driver, so despite the fact it is possible to run a Gold triple Silver team is would be illegal. Any combinations that uses less points is allowed.

Booking Procedure
Since ACC requires unique race numbers, our teams have makeup rules and just for ease of identifying people on our discord server (which you can join Here) we have turned self booking off. To book you must join our discord and contact the series admin Michael Magas (@Meodread) and provide your desired car number, your steam ID number for the custom entrylist, any team desires, your livery and your car. At this time if you lack an ESR license, Mr. Magas will set up a test session to handle the classification.

Team names should if possible be close to the in game appearing name. If custom Liveries you can name your team whatever you wish. However, if using in game liveries some form of the name should be included. This is for the ease of identifying teammates on commentary and other items.

Custom Liveries
Custom liveries both the plain in game style and the more detailed template liveries are allowed HOWEVER, the plain in game customs are not allowed to be on a team as they look plain and template liveries must be approved by the admin to avoid items such as Pornography, Political Statements, Racism and other items that should not be on the car for our community as these liveries will be appearing on Youtube and representing the community.

The races for this series will be uploaded to the ESR Youtube Channel however this may not be live as we would need a commentary team to volunteer to dedicate their Wednesday night to the series without racing.

Practice Server
ESR will host a practice server that should be up daily (if it isn’t just nudge an admin and they can see what the issue is) it will use the password test and be named 3D Speed Series by ESR.

Race Schedule:

Wednesday, September 23rd:Barcelona 2019 – Spain
Wednesday, October 7th:Brands Hatch 2019 – United Kingdom
Wednesday, October 21st:Zolder 2019 – Belgium
Wednesday, November 4th:Zandvoort 2019 – Netherlands
Wednesday, November 18th: Misano 2019 – Italy
Wednesday, December 2nd: Hungaroring 2019 – Hungary

Race Settings:

Fuel: On
Tire wear: On
Mandatory Pit stop: None
Mechanical Damage: On
Practice: 1 hour
Qualifying: 30 minutes
Race Start Format: Standard widget formation lap
Race Format: 40 minutes
Scoring: Top 50 score, plus points for top 3 grid, plus fastest lap

Sign Up:

Admin booking is required, via our discord server – please contact Michael Magas (@Meodread).

Final Standings:

Video Playlist