Join us on Sunday afternoons for a series in the fun-to-drive DTM 1992 cars.

Expect non-stop action in a triple header, sprint race format using reverse grids and all taking part on small tracks.

Taking part bi-weekly, the first race starts on December 6th – Sign up now!!

Race schedule:

December 6th, 2020ZandvoortClub3 x 10 minutes
December 20th, 2020Mid-OhioShort3 x 10 minutes
January 3rd, 2021MoscowFIM3 x 10 minutes
January 17th, 20201SuzukaEast3 x 10 minutes
January 31st, 2021SalzburgringFull3 x 10 minutes
February 14th, 2021Mantorp ParkFull3 x 10 minutes
February 28th, 2021OscherschlebenMoto A Course3 x 10 minutes

Check your local event start times by clicking here.

Race settings:

Driver Conduct: ESR Racing Charter
Fixed Setup: On
Fuel Use: Off
Tire Wear: 1 x
Cut Rules: Drive through
Mandatory Pit Stop: Off
Mechanical Damage: On
Wrecker Prevention: On
Flag Rules: Visual only
Practice (Morning): 30 minutes
Qualifying (Morning): 15 minutes
Race 1 (Noon): 10 minutes
Race 2 (Afternoon): 10 minutes – Top 8 reverse grid
Race 3 (Evening): 10 minutes – Top 8 reverse grid

Final Standings: