ESR would like to invite you to our GT3 RF2 series late Saturday’s.

Is this the best GT3 content around? Some could argue but it’s hard to deny how fun these cars are to race. Combined with community picked tracks and we expect a fun six week series.
Join us to race, every other Saturday with qualifying starting at 22:00 EST.

(Studio397 GT3 Pack is required. Buy from steam here)

Race Schedule:

March 20th: AdelaideDownload here
April 3rd: ZuhaiDownload here
April 17th: Mid-OhioDownload here
May 1st: Autodrom MostDownload here
May15th: MosportDownload here
May 29th: DubaiDownload here

Events are shown in your local time here. NOTE – the start time is your local time for the start of the practice session.

The race server password is available to entrants on our discord server. If discord is not available, please check the raceapp events tab (here) and click on the appropriate race to access the password.

Race Settings:

In-game time: Afternoon
Time scale: On ( Normal )
Fuel: On ( Normal )
Tyre wear: On ( Normal )
Simple weather: Scripted
Mechanical failures: On
Damage multiplier: 30%
Real road preset: High rubber
Real road time scale: 1.5 x
Flags:Black flag
Practice: 60 minutes
Qualifying: 15 minutes
Warm up: 2 minutes
Race start type: Standing
Race length: 40 minutes
Race Finish duration : 120 seconds

Sign Up:

Click here to sign up to this series
(raceapp sign-in required with a linked steam account).

Current Standings:

Video Playlist:

Video playlist to follow when the series is underway.