Welcome to the 3D Speed Winter Series – 2022

It’s time to break in the New Year with the latest ESR, 3D Speed Series! That’s right, we’re back once again with the 3D Speed Series on Wednesdays at 8pm, Eastern Time.
It will be GT3 cars taking center stage with, of course, the full series debut of the newest Assetto Corsa Competizione car; the BMW M4! Though it may see some limitations as it is still pre-Balance-of-Performance right now.

We’ll be using 40 minute sprint races again and testing out a shorter qualifying session that some drivers have been asking for. Also returning are our standard “quirks”, such as the Silver and Bronze Cup, a chance for less experienced and more casual racers to compete for bragging rights further down the grid and become a champion!
We will also have the Team’s Championship once again though teams will be capped at 3 cars per team as opposed to the 4 of last season.

Don’t delay! Sign up today! The first race starts on January 12th, 2022.

Overall Cup – All drivers are eligible and will go to the highest scoring driver
Silver Cup – Drivers who hold an ESR Silver Rating will score Silver Points with the top performer earning the Silver Cup
Bronze Cup – Same as the Silver Cup but for ESR Drivers with a Bronze Rating
Teams Cup – Teams of up to 3 drivers may compete for the Teams Trophy over the course of the season (Certain rules outline what ratings can make up a team (see rules page on raceapp))

 The Simulation: Assetto Corsa Competizione     
 The Cars: GT3
 The Race Length: 40 Minutes
 The Day: Wednesday
 Practice Start Time: 20:00 Eastern
 Sessions: 75 minute practice / 15 minute qualifying / 40 minute race

What is the Simulator?

This series will continue to use Assetto Corsa Competizione by Kunos. It is the premier GT racing game and is developed in conjunction with the real-life motorsports organizer, SRO.

Which cars are we driving?

We are running the ubiquitous GT3 car class. This class features cars from pretty much any manufacturer you can think of. From Honda to Ferrari, they are all here. The mystique of the Porsche 911. The mass of the Bentley Continental. The workmanlike nature of the Nissan GT-R. The grill of the Mercedes AMG. Also joining is the latest BMW entrant, the M4.

Where are we racing?

We’ll be headed to some of the best tracks in Europe and North America this season.

When are we racing?

We race every Wednesday with a practice round followed by an official round the following week. Everything kicks off at 20:00 Eastern (8pm) and runs for slightly over 2 hours.

How to join

Unfortunately, due some of the aspects to our servers, we do not allow the RaceApp Self Service option. Please contact @Meodread#3226 on the ESR discord server to join this series. You will need to have your car model, livery and car number ready to complete your entry as well as any team arrangements.

Custom liveries

Custom liveries are permitted with admin permission only and must be limited to 240 KB in size. NOTE, these are reserved for drivers that arrive before qualifying to avoid disruption of the server.

Team rules

Maximum Number of Drivers per Team  3 
Total Number of Driver “Points” Allowed (see below)       2 Driver Teams may have 6 / 3 Driver teams 8   
Total Scoring Drivers  ALL 

Driver points

ESR assigns a rating to all of our drivers from the Cream-of-the-Crop “Aliens” as Platinum, to the new and inexperienced sim racers as Bronze. For these teams a Platinum Driver costs 4 Points, a Gold costs 3, a Silver costs 2 and a Bronze Driver costs 1. This means a 2 car team can be made up a Plat/Silver combo or a Gold/Gold combo (or lesser point totals).

Entry types

3D Speed has 3 entry types for the coming season:

-Pro Entry which is a driver who is of Platinum or Gold Rating within ESR and is only eligible for the Overall Championship.
-Silver Entry which is a driver who is of Silver Rating and is eligible for the Overall Championship and the Silver Cup.
-AM Entry which is a driver who is of Bronze Rating and is eligible for the Overall Championship and AM cup.

Race Schedule:

January 12th, 2022: Barcelona – Spain
January 26th, 2022: Monza – Italy
February 9th, 2022: Hungaroring – Hungary
February 23rd, 2022: Spa Francorchamps – Belgium
March 9th, 2022: Zandvoort – Netherlands
March 33rd, 2022: Laguna Seca – USA

Events are shown in your local time here.

Race Settings:

Fuel: On
Tire wear: On
Cut rules: Managed by the sim
Mandatory pit stop: On (tires required), no window
Damage: On
Flags: Full
Practice: 75 minutes
Qualifying: 15 minutes
Start type: Short rolling with “widget”
Race: 40 minutes
Weather: Static dry or wet

Sign up:

As mentioned above, sign up for this series is by message to @Meodread#3226 on the ESR discord server.
If you require help signing up, please ask in our discord General Chat channel.

Final standings:

Video playlist:

Video to follow, when the series is underway.