ESR presents the Assetto Corsa Competizione Mixed-Class Monday series.
Starting in January, join us for GT3 and GT4 Racing on some of the world’s most iconic tracks.

The Mixed-Class Monday series will be hosted by ESR from mid-January to mid March 2022. The series will feature all of the GT3 and GT4 cars in Assetto Corsa Competizione and will consist of six events, run over eight weeks, beginning on January 17th. Each round will include a 10-minute warm up session followed by a 30-minute qualifying a 40, 60 or 75 minute race.
Additionally a practice server mirroring the race conditions will be up 24/7 prior to each round.
In each race drivers will be required to make at least one mandatory pit stop during the race – the rules around this stop will be different in each series format.

Race schedule:

January 17thGT3 & GT4Paul RicardSprint – Clear Weather
January 31st GT3 & GT4 KyalamiFixed Fuel – Random Weather
February 7th GT3 & GT4 ImolaSprint – Clear Weather
February 14th GT3 & GT4 Spa FrancorchampsDouble Parking – Random Weather
February 28th GT3 & GT4 HungaroringSprint – Clear Weather
March 14th GT3 & GT4 BathurstFixed Fuel – Random Weather

Event starting times are shown in your time zone here.

Event format:

Password: Provided to entrants in our Discord server
Driver briefing: 20:30 (Eastern) – 10 minutes
Practice: approx. 20:40 (Eastern) – 10 minutes
Qualifying: approx. 20:52 (Eastern) – 30 minutes (15 minutes per class)
Race: approx. 21.25 (Eastern) – 40, 60 or 75 minutes

Event settings:

Time multiplier: x 2
Cut rules: Warnings + Drive Through (handled by ACC)
Tire sets: 50
Pre-race Timer: 3 minutes
Formation Lap: Full, free player control
Post-race Timer: 5 minutes
Sprint races:
Weather: Dry, static
Race Length: 40 minutes
Pit Stops: 1 – tires required
Pit Window: 10 minutes (35 to 25 min. remaining)
Fixed-Fuel races:
Weather: Mixed, random
Race Length: 60 minutes
Pit Stops: 1 – fuel required
Pit Window: Open (minimum pit stop time is 25 seconds)
Double-Parking races:
Weather: Mixed, random
Race Length: 75 minutes
Pit Stops: 2 – fuel required
Pit Window: Open

Sign up:

Please contact Jeff Wentworth on the ESR Discord server to sign up. If you require help, please ask in our General Chat channel.

Current standings:

Video playlist:

Video will follow when the series is underway.