ESR DTM Merc Fest.

ESR is happy to present a twist on its previous “Madness series”.
We will be visiting all 6 layouts of the under appreciated Motorland Aragón circuit.

We will be racing historic through to current Mercedes DTM cars:

1992 – Mercedes 190E EVO II DTM
1995 – AMG-Mercedes C-Klasse DTM
2003 – AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM
2005 – AMG-Mercedes C-Klasse DTM
2013/2016 – Mercedes-AMG C-Coupe / C63 DTM
2021 – Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020 DTM

Don’t delay, sign up today! The racing starts on May 21st, 2022!

Race Schedule:

Saturday, May 21st: Aragón NationalDTM 19923 x 15 minutes
Saturday, June 4th: Aragón Moto NationalDTM 19953 x 15 minutes
Saturday, June 18th: Aragón Grand PrixDTM 20032 x 25 minutes
Saturday, July 2nd: Aragón Moto Grand PrixDTM 20052 x 25 minutes
Saturday, July 16th: Aragón Fast CircuitDTM 2013/20162 x 25 minutes
Saturday, July 30th: Aragón WTCRDTM 20212 x 25 minutes

Events are shown in your local time here. NOTE – the start time is your local time for the start of the practice session.

The race server password is available to entrants on our discord server. If discord is not available, please check the raceapp events tab (here) and click on the appropriate race to access the password.

Race Settings:

Mode: Get Real
Tire wear: On (1x)
Fuel use: On (1x)
Car Setup: Open
Cut Rules: Slow Down
Mandatory Pit stop: Off
Mechanical Damage: On (full)
Wrecker Prevention: On
Flags: On (Visual only)
Car Setup: Fixed
Practice: 60 minutes
Qualifying: 20 minutes
Warmup: 3 minutes
Race: 3 x 15 and 2 x 25 minutes
Race 2 Grid: Race 1 result, full reverse grid for race 2
Driving standards: ESR Driver Charter applies
Success Ballast: None

Sign Up:

Please click here to sign up for this series.
A account is required. If you require help to do this, please ask in our General Chat channel and an admin/member will help you.

Current Standings:

Video Playlist:

Video playlist to follow when the series is underway.