ESR and Tugas are joining up again for some more Sunday racing for everyone.
Four different classes of cars for four rounds at the Nordschleife.

BMW versus Mercedes!
What side are you on?
Once you have chosen your side, you need to remain loyal to that team for the entirety of the championship.

Don’t delay, sign up today! The first race starts on November 18th, 2022.

Race Schedule:

Sunday, November 20th: NordschleifeVLNDTM 2013/201610 Laps
Sunday, December 4th: NordschleifeGTR48 Laps
Sunday, December 18th: NordschleifeVLNHillclimb Icons8 Laps
Sunday, January 15th: Nordschleife24HrGTR3/DTM 202110 Laps

Events are shown in your local time here. NOTE – the start time is your local time for the start of the practice session.

The race server password is available to entrants on our discord server. If discord is not available, please check the raceapp events tab (here) and click on the appropriate race to access the password.

Race Settings:

Mode: Get Real
Tire wear: On (2x)
Fuel use: On (2x)
Cut Rules: Slow Down
Mandatory Pit stop: On (2 tires)
Mechanical Damage: On (full)
Wrecker Prevention: On
Flags: On (Visual only)
Practice: 15 minutes
Qualifying: 45 minutes
Warmup: 3 minutes
Race: 8 or 10 laps
Driving standards: ESR Driver Charter applies
Maximum incident points: 100
Scratch rounds: 1. Your single worst result is removed from scoring

Sign Up:

Please click here to sign up for this series. (Password is available from Martin Edmunds, Ricardo Costa in Discord).
A account is required. If you require help to do this, please ask in our General Chat channel and an admin/member will help you.

Current Standings:

Video Playlist:

Video to follow when series underway.