The third annual ESR & Holiday Race event is coming up in December! This year the event takes place in Assetto Corsa with the Custom Shaders Patch.

Broadcast live with commentary, it presents a great opportunity for sim racing enthusiasts to have fun and compete for prizes. It also provides entertainment for motorsports fans during a quieter time of the year in the motorsports world. The broadcast is listed on

Cars are a selection of modern GT2 cars, created by Guerilla Mods. The track is Sebring International Raceway, created by The Reboot Team. All required mod content and custom liveries will be provided as compressed archives prior to the race event to interested participants.

Register now for the Participation Qualification session in November to qualify for your spot on the grid.

Prizes, including a $100 Steam Digital Gift Card for winning the event are available!

Don’t delay, sign up today!

Event Schedule:

November 12th to 18th: SebringLamborghini GT2Participation Qualification
Saturday, December 16th: SebringModern GT2Practice, Grid Qualifying, Race One and Race Two

Participation Qualification Requirements:

All drivers must complete a minimum of ten laps, with five consecutive clean laps to demonstrate their ability to drive consistently across more than one lap. A clean lap is defined as one in which track limits are not violated. All five consecutive laps must be within five seconds of each other. The fastest clean lap will determine the driver’s ranking for further participation. Drivers may join the multi-day session repeatedly as needed. The sum total of all clean laps (within five seconds of each other) count towards the overall minimum of ten laps.

Note: Drivers must have a ping below 225ms to have their clean laps counted. Those with pings higher than this negatively impact the quality of the race and unfortunately cannot take part.

Race Settings:

Event start time: 3pm EST / 8pm GMT
Practice: 10 minutes
Qualifying: 20 minutes
Grid: Race one full qualifying order
Reverse grid: Race two uses race one finishing order, with top ten positions reversed
Race one format: 30 minutes
Race two format: 30 minutes

Race date and start time is December 16th 2023 at 3pm EST / 8pm GMT.

The race server password will be available in the Discord server.




Livery selection must be finalized by a participant by December 1st, 2023 and require approval from the event organizers. Custom liveries are allowed for the race event but must not contain vulgar or pornographic content. Car numbers must be unique and allocated on a first-come first-served basis.


All qualified participants, including reserve drivers, must join the Discord. Event information will be communicated via a restricted channel and all participants must join a restricted voice channel during the event to enable real-time communications from event organizers. The event language is English.

Required Software and Settings:

In addition to Assetto Corsa with the Custom Shaders Patch and required car and track content, all participants are required to use Crew Chief during the event.

Your full name (first and last) must be used during both the Participation Qualification session and the Race Event. Your name can be changed in Content Manager under Settings > Content Manager > Online > Online name.

Driving Standards:

All drivers are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner, reflective of real world motorsports. These guidelines, taken from World Sim Series, apply:

  • A passing driver is responsible for making a safe pass at a safe time. It is the responsibility of both drivers to ensure that a safe pass is made.
  • Before the point of turn-in, the passing drivers front wheels must, at minimum, be alongside the rear wheels of the car being passed to have the right to a racing lane. At this point the driver being passed must leave a lane open.
  • Bump-passing (including accidental) is not allowed and is viewed negatively by event stewards unless the offending driver gives back the pass. Bump-passing is defined as the passing driver nudging the car ahead, making it unstable, making a pass while the destabilized car is recovering.
  • Blocking is not allowed for any reason. Blocking is defined as a driver altering their race line more than once in response to another driver, in an attempt to prevent a pass.


There will be no real-time stewards. Egregious behavior during the event will be reviewed later and may result in the offending driver being removed from the event. Accidents happen and will not typically result in immediate driver removal. Repeated incidents on the part of a particular driver will be taken into account and dealt with appropriately.


Should internet or server-related issues prevent more than five participants from taking part, the session in progress will be restarted providing less than the following percentages of the session have elapsed:

Qualifying: 75%
Race One: 50%
Race Two: 50%

Should an issue occur after the specified amount of the session has passed, the results of the session are set as the state of the session at the time the issue occurred.

Sign Up:

Events sign up is requested by completing the form available here.
Note 1: All participants, by submitting the sign up request form give consent to showing their real name in the event video.
Note 2: The top 32 drivers qualify for the race event, with qualifiers from 33rd through 40th place being reserve drivers.


The following prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers, scored across both races:

First: $100 Steam Digital Gift Card
Second: $50 Steam Digital Gift Card
Third: $25 Steam Digital Gift Card

In addition, five random participants who complete both races will be awarded six months of Premium access on The random participants will be chosen and notified after the race event.

All qualified participants must add themselves as a friend on Steam to an account that will be announced by December 1st, 2023 in the Discord. Failure to add oneself as a friend to the specified account may delay any Steam Digital Gift Card prize award.


The broadcast is listed on

The Event will be broadcast live on YouTube with commentary.
A great opportunity for sim racing and motorsports enthusiasts during a quieter time of the year in the motorsports world.