ESR’s next fun series is going back to the manufacturer format of cup style racing with cars from a different manufacturer and/or class for every round.
Each event takes place on one of the United State’s most iconic tracks.

Don’t delay, sign up today! The first race starts on July 15th, 2023.
Race Schedule (bi-weekly).

Race Schedule:

Saturday, July 15th:Mid Ohio – Short3 x 20 minutesGroup 2 Scirocco
Saturday, January 29th:Laguna Seca – Grand Prix3 x 20 minutesFormula Raceroom Junior
Saturday, August 12th:Road America – Grand Prix2 x 30 minutesCrossle 9S
Saturday, August 26th:Indianapolis – Moto2 x 30 minutesDTM 1995
Saturday, September 9th: Daytona – Road Course1 x 60 minutes2013 WTCC BMW

Race Settings:

Mode: Get Real
Fuel use: On (1x)
Tyre wear: On (1x)
Mandatory pit stop: Off
Mechanical damage: On (full)
Wrecker prevention: On
Setup: Open
Start type:Standing (jump start on)
Practice: 60
Qualifying: 20
Warm up: 3 minutes
Grid: Qualifying order race one
Reverse grid: Top 10 (race two/three, rounds 1 to 4)
Race format: Varies – see race schedule table above
Flag rules: Visual only
Cut rules: Slow down
Race finish timer: 120 Seconds
Maximum incident points: 100
Scratch result: On (worst 1 round results dropped)

Events start times are available here.

The race server password will be available in the Discord server.

Sign Up:

Series sign up and the entry list are available here.
Note: Steam log in is required.


Video Playlist

A video playlist will be available once the series is underway.