ESR 3DSpeed 2 – Winter 2019/2020

The second season of the 3D Speed Series arrived and filled the winter with GT3 racing.

Most of the features from season 1 returned; an overall drivers championship along with a secondary cup for slower drivers and a team championship cup. The round format remained the same. One 30 minute main race followed by a 15 minute sprint with the top 10 reversed on the grid. The time and day have remained as well. So what was different?

The biggest change is the car. While we are still running GT3s it’s an experimental class of Legacy cars. What does Legacy mean? Unfortunately the current generation of GT3 cars in Raceroom are not very balanced with the AMG, C7 and R8 being really the only viable cars at most tracks, we wanted to encourage more car variety with more viable options and not just ballasting the heck out of other cars. So we are using older GT3 cars which means no Audi R8 Second Generation, BMW M6, Corvette C7, Mercedes AMG, McLaren 650S and Porsche 911. Anything else is allowed and should encourage more variety.

The Teams have also changed, as we allowed 3 cars to a team, with a driver rating system that kept the teams roughly equal. 4 Points for a Platinum driver (championship contenders and historical podium competitors), 3 for a Gold driver (fast, consistent and capable of the occasional great result), 2 for a Silver and 1 for a Bronze. 3 Cars teams have 8 points and a 2 car team has 6.

Race Schedule:

Wednesday November 14th 2019: Mid Ohio – Full
Wednesday November 27th 2019: Silverstone – Grand Prix
Wednesday December 11th 2019: Hockenheimring – Grand Prix
Wednesday January 8th 2020: Imola – Grand Prix
Wednesday January 22nd 2020: Monza – Grand Prix
Wednesday February 5th 2020: Dubai – Grand Prix

Race Settings:

Mode: Get Real
Fuel: On ( 1x )
Tyre wear: On ( 1x )
Cut Rules: Drive through
Mandatory Pit stop: Off
Mechanical Damage: On
Wrecker prevention: On
Practice: 30 minutes (morning)
Qualifying: 15 minutes (noon)
Warm up: Off
Race 1: 30 minutes
Warm up: Off
Race 2 (Reverse grid): 15 minutes
Race Finish duration : 120 seconds

Final Standings: