ESR Tuesday’s – NSU Encore!

Yet More NSU TTS Madness!!

Why not continue to forget the stress and have more fun…

Following the success of the original series, the next four weeks of Tuesday evenings will still be all about pure, racing fun.

No points. No divisions. No set-up knowledge needed as we drive some of the most interesting tracks that RaceRoom has to offer in a car that’s perfect for close racing action. 
Three races per evening with reverse grids.
The fun commences on June 10th. Sign up NOW!

Race Schedule:

Tuesday, June 10th: Suzuka East
Tuesday, June 17th: Monza Junior
Tuesday, June 24th: Bilster Berg Westschleife
Tuesday, July 1st: Silverstone National

Events are shown in your local time here.

The race server password is available to entrants on our discord server. If discord is not available, please check the raceapp events tab (here) and click on the appropriate race to access the password.

Race Settings:

Mode: Get Real
Fuel: On ( 1 x )
Tyre wear: Normal
Cut Rules: Drive through
Mandatory Pit stop: Off
Mechanical Damage: Full
Wrecker prevention: On
Driving Standards: Standard ESR Driving Charter
Practice (Morning): 30 minutes
Qualifying (Noon): 10 minutes
Race 1 (Afternoon): 10 minutes
Race 2 (Afternoon):10 minutes
Race 3 (Afternoon):10 minutes
Race Finish duration : 90 seconds

Final Standings:

Video Playlist: