ESR Academy Cup 2019

Academy Cup

ESR invited all new drivers (or old) who were looking to improve and learn in a friendly environment.

Learn with help from some of our more seasoned drivers. The tracks, the cars and maybe pick up some tricks on how to make setup changes. Get to know the car better in a fun, relaxed setting.

Race Schedule:

Date:Car Class:Circuit:
Saturday February 23rd: Audi TT Cup (15/16)Portimao Club (Chicane)
Saturday March 9th: Audi TT Cup (15/16)Raceroom Raceway Bridge
Saturday March 23rd: Audi TT Cup (15/16)Sepang (South)
Saturday April 6th: Audi TT Cup (15/16)Sepang (North)
Saturday April 20th: Audi TT Cup (15/16)Raceroom Raceway National
Saturday May 4th: Audi TT Cup (15/16)Portimao Grand Prix

Final Standings:

Video Playlist: