At ESR we encourage your participation via Discord to access our text chat and voice network to keep up to date on rally and raceroom events. Once you have joined, please navigate to the left hand side of the app where you will find the channel #dirt-chat, (that’s where the action is!).

Since Dirt Rally is a solitary sport we would like to encourage everyone to record there stages for the enjoyment of others, preferably via a link to Youtube and a description posted in #dirt-chat as to how your event went. Though this is not mandatory it does make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

If you have any ideas to help improve your experience, or have an event request, please do not hesitate to discuss it on the ESR discord server.

All the guys here are willing to help if a problem arises so don’t be shy, your input is always welcome! Once again, it’s great to have you here. Dirt rally is still proving to be a leader in its genre as far as sims go. The well thought out mix-match of locations and vehicles is proving favourable amongst all our competitors and will continue to keep us all engaged.